Financial Support

Teaching Assistantships (TA)

The primary source of support for graduate students are Teaching Assistantships (TA). The department supports between 40 and 50 graduate students as teaching assistants and research assistants.

The starting salary for teaching fellows vary, depending on qualification, program levels, academic performance and progress. Please contact our Academic Advisor if an applicant wants to know more information about that. The salary is paid for 9 months plus benefits. A health insurance package is included among the benefits. Summer teaching is also available for additional income. This applies for 3 years at the Masters level and 5 years at the PhD level, and a combined total of no more than 5 years.

Each student receiving the TA will automatically receive the Doctoral Student Tuition Fellowship (DSTF), i.e., the tuition for 9 credit hours/semester will be waived. But the university and college fee cannot be waived and must be paid by students. To know more information about the fee, please contact our Academic Advisor. The DSTF applies for 2 years at the Masters level and 3 years at the PhD level. Courses in addition to 9 hours or taken after the first 5 years are billed at the resident tuition rate.

Typical duty of a teaching fellow is one of the followings: (1) Working in Math Lab (basically one-on-one tutoring). (2) Conducting recitations sessions for Calculus classes. (3) Grading. Generally teaching fellows will not teach regular courses.

the Teaching Fellowship application can be completed online at Online Teaching Assistantship Application or it can be downloaded (.doc or .pdf  format) and submit to the Department Graduate Advisor using the following address

********Mailing Address**********
ATTN: Graduate Advisor
University of Houston
Dept. of Math., 651 PGH Bldg.
Houston, TX  77204-3008



Research Assistantships (RA)

In addition to teaching fellows, about 10 to 15 graduate students are supported either fully or partially by individual faculty members as research assistants. This form of support generally only becomes available to more advanced graduate students who have established a research relationship with an individual faculty member. The same rules on tuition and fees apply to research assistants as apply to teaching fellows.


Presidential/Cullen/Ehrhardt Fellowship

The fellowships: The Presidential, Cullen Endowed, and Stella L. Ehrhardt Memorial Fellowships are intended to assist college departments/programs by providing funds to recruit outstanding students. The fellowship program provides funds to match or exceed financial assistance packages offered by other institutions. Students of exceptional caliber who represent extraordinary academic credentials receive these fellowships.

Eligibility: These two-year fellowships are available to students who enter graduate or professional programs at the University of Houston. Preference is given to students whose academic objective is a doctoral degree. The potential for academic excellence is the main criteria for selection.

Nomination: All nomination packets must include the following for consideration:
1. A letter of nomination from the department chair or director of graduate studies and a completed Summary Form for each nominee.
2. The nomination packet must include a statement verifying the departmental/college offer that may include a financial assistance package of graduate assistantship for the applicant and the amount of supplement financial support.
3. Three letters of references.
4. The candidate's statement of his or her academic goals.
5. Student information that is pertinent to their ability to excel academically.

Award: Once selected, students receive a fellowship that matches the department/program's supplemental award at a rate that can be as much as two-to-one up to a designated amount based on comparable awards nationally in the discipline.

Deadline: April (date varies in each year), spring semester.


Other Scholarships

Finally, both the University and the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics have an array of scholarships which are available to students. For information on these go to the UH financial aid page.

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